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1:1 PLATINUM 3 Month Mentorship with Katie

The highest version of yourself that you have in mind— the one who knows her power and is thriving in her career, health, and relationships... is the same person that is reading this right now. 

 The only differences between the two are the mindset, habits, lifestyle, and daily self-talk that shapes your well-being. 

 This 3 Month exclusive 1:1 coaching  helps you embody the new empowered you, mindset, habits, lifestyle, and daily self-talk of your higher self by providing you the somatic tools and deep work that you need to rewire the toxic mindset and nourish your mind, body, and soul!!

This is for you if you are ready to:

  • heal and make peace with your past setting you free to live your most empowered life

  • identify what is holding you back—and then release it on the subconscious level

  • achieve a level of deep self-love, improving your relationship with yourself and others

  • get the clarity and confidence you need to live your most successful and abundant life

What you'll get:

  • 10 Activating Coaching Session (60-90 mins)
  • Extra Support and Accountability through Whatsapp
  • Customizes Meditations and Hypnosis'
  • Weekly Feedback and Soul Assignments
  • Access to The Elevate Healing Collective (My Library of EFT Tappings, Meditations, Hypnosis)



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What People Are Saying:

Katie is an amazing coach! I worked with Katie over several sessions to help me work through my fear and self doubt. I was feeling very stuck in my life and working with Katie really enabled me to make huge shifts. Katie's coaching helped me release my self doubt and step into a more powerful mindset. Since our time together I haven’t looked back! She has an amazing way of making you feel so comfortable and relaxed. She gave me so much clarity on issues and used different techniques to help me work through them. Her meditations are THE BEST. I will consistently use Katie throughout my life to help me focus on my mindset and believe in myself more. She is a very special person and coach. Thank you Katie.

Jessica Bennett

When I first met Katie, I was so connected and engaged by her light and positive energy, I immediately felt comfortable to begin the healing process with her. Katie provides a safe, supportive environment for me to flow and be vulnerable. I highly recommend Katie, as she is nurturing, accepting, and brings magic and empowerment to each session. Anyone who has done spiritual work knows that it’s so important to trust your guide, and I do not hesitate to say Katie is the coach to trust.

Cami Juliane

Katie has so much love for the work she does! Simply put - she knows her stuff! The modalities she uses helps you transform from the inside out and helps you uplevel INSTANTLY. I am so grateful for the work we did together, and I was able to show up so confidently outside of our session! I also discovered exactly who I needed to be now to create the future I want.

Heaven Griffith